Training or Mentoring: What’s the Difference?

Training and mentoring aim one goal: to improve your skills in a well-defined way. Although both aim for the same goal, they use very different ways. One may fit your needs, but not the other.

My Next Mentoring Program will be “Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++”

This Sunday, the poll for my next mentoring program ended. There is a unique winner: Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++.

10 Days Left to Register Yourself for my Mentoring Program

The registration for my mentoring program, "Fundamentals for C++ Professionals", is still open until 17th April. The program starts on 22nd April.

Week 6 as a Sample

Before you participate in my mentoring program, you should know more about it. Today, I publish as a teaser, step six of the 28 steps to master C++.

The Registration

I'm happy to announce: The registration for my mentoring program is now open until 17th of April.

The Launch

I have prepared my mentoring program and am ready to start on 22nd April.

About Rainer Grimm

I'm happy to introduce myself. As your mentor, you should know me. This introduction starts classical with my professional career, continues with my motivation to teach, and closes with my publications.

More Details

One month ago, I presented “My Mentoring Program “Fundamentals for C++ Professionals“. I’m overwhelmed by how my people want to participate in this first iteration of my mentoring program. What should I say? Today, I want to give you more details. Here is only a short reminder about my program. For more details, read my previous article, “My Mentoring Program “Fundamentals for C++ Professionals“.


I’m happy to provide you with more details about my mentoring program, “Fundamentals for C++ Professionals”. My general idea of the mentoring program is straightforward. I will teach you what you should know about modern C++. Modern C++ includes the core language and the library based on C++17 in 28 stations. Each week, I publish a new station. To master a station, you have to invest about three hours. Therefore, you can integrate my program into your workday.