Modernes C++ Mentoring

First, I want to introduce my Modern C++ Mentoring program.

My Mentoring

Each mentoring program consists of stations of 15 to 30 stations you have to master. A station is one week long, and you have to invest about three hours/week. Therefore, you can integrate my program into your workday.

One Station

One station contains theory, practice, and mentoring.

  • Theory
    • Pure theory with 10 – 15 slides (video)
    • Applied theory with about five examples (video)
  • Practice
    • Explanation of the theory using examples (video)
    • Exercises, you have to solve (video)
    • Sample solutions to the exercises with explanations (video)
  • Mentoring
    • Live Q&A session each week; the Q&A sessions are recorded
    • Answering questions in the C++ forums
    • One-to-one mentoring at the end of the mentoring program

Mentoring Programs

The following tables give you an overview, which mentoring programs are already available and which one are in preparation. Use the mentoring title to directly jump to the mentoring program.

Duration8 months3 – 4 months3 – 4 months3 – 4 months3 – 4 months3 – 4 months
StartingOctober 2022January 2023June 2023 – January 2025June 2023 – Janurary 2025June 2023 – January 2025June 2023 – January 2025
Single Payment€3200
Monthly Payment€400€450€450€450€500€500