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      Name: Luiz Carlos Martins Scheid

      Nationality: Brazilian

      Location: Huttlingen, Germany



      Other languages: Go, Python

      Reason taking this course: I am Electrical Engineer, and I started programming in the beginning of the University on research internship with c++ around 2003, 2004 after studying on a programming logic book given by my father. Later on, I spent many years working as field engineer, managing electricians and doing commissioning of electric and electronic systems on offshore vessel involved in oil drilling business. Because of Brazilian corrupted government and drop in oil prices, I foresaw I would be unemployed and without good options after the projects started to be canceled. This way, I took the opportunity to resume my software developer career, and I have been very happy working mostly with C++ in the last 5 years, and with the projects and possibilities of our field. I am looking forward with this mentoring program to fill the gaps in my knowledge of c++, taking advantage of the structure of the program and Rainer experience, and to learn with my mentoree colleagues and build up connections.

      Unique fact: I played handball and rugby, played electric guitar in rock/blues bands in Brazilian pubs and I did a ~190km in 13 hours bike trip in German countryside.

      Other interests: My family (married), nature and adventures, travelling.

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