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        Name: Jonny Kelso

        Nationality: British

        Location: Brighton, United Kingdom



        Other languages: C, C++, C#, Python

        Reason taking this course: I studied physics at University, and started my career in the late 90’s as an analyst in the defence industry, working on combat simulations. That was my first exposure to large C++ systems, running on Solaris networks.  It wasn’t until around 2007 that I switched from analyst to progrmammer, and started working on smaller C++ simulations on PCs. I then moved from working on simulations to C++ systems controlling custom FPGA devices for radar detection systems, user interfaces, and drivers for avionics systems. All of this (except the drivers in C) most of this in C++11, slowly creeping towards C++14-17.

        I really wanted to start using more modern C++ professionally, so I switched industry to work in games a few years ago. However, I still feel that whatever knowledge I had gained of modern C++ was patchy, and often incorrect 🙂  I really wanted to refresh my understanding of modern principles, and lose some bad habits, and that is why I decided to join the mentoring program.

        Unique fact: I love electronic music, and enjoy playing with synthesisers both in the real world and in software. I’m not much of a musician, but I love making noise 🙂

        Other interests: My family (married), synths, camping, gaming (especially with my son)

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