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        Name: Hans-Martin Duringhof

        Nationality: Dutch

        Location: Trollhättan, Sweden (app. 90 km north of Gothenburg)



        Other languages: Python

        Reason taking this course: After an approximately 10 year period in my career being in several kinds of management positions, I returned to the hands-on practice of software development (which I also did prior to the “management epoch”). Working as a freelancer/consultant in the (Automotive) area of Autonomous Drive and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and running my own company focussing on open source robotics software development, C++ has been a gradually increasing part of my daily work during the most recent years. Recognising that the more I dig into the language the more interested I get, I’m eager to make C++ the core focus of what I do and develop a much more solid knowledge of its fundamentals. So when I learned about Rainer Grimm’s plans to start this mentorship program, I thought it was a perfect match to my plans/ambitions.

        Unique fact: Once traveled to Beijing by train with the Trans Mongolian Express

        Other interests: My family (married, 3 daughters, dog, 2 cats, 2 horses), Sustainability (Trying to do my part in reducing climate footprint),
        Gaming (nowadays mainly console, PS5, but love to play card and tabletop games as well), Podcasts (listening)

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