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        Name: Diana Ojeda Aristizabal

        Nationality: Colombian

        Location: Toronto, Canada



        Other languages: Python

        Reason for taking this course: I had learned what I know about C++ by reading “Accelerated C++” and by looking up whatever I need on the day to day at work. I joined this program because I wanted to have a structured and practical overview of the language while being part of a community. I want to create my own judgement on what are good practices and in general I want to write quality code. I first got interested in C++ by attending the C++ user group meetups here in Toronto.

        Unique fact: I keep kefir grains that I got from a farmer 10 years ago. I find all cultured/fermented foods very interesting. I have a copy of  the book Wild Fermentation and I met the author in person many years ago. I have to say I haven’t been brave enough to try some of the recipes in the book.

        Hobbies/other interests: Spending time with my family (my son is 15 months old), gardening, playing the ukelele, swimming, playing board games.






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