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      AvatarCarlos Almeida


        Location: Jundiaí, Brazil

        Other languages: C, Bash, SQL, Javascript, PHP, Python

        Reason taking this course:
        In short, I would like to be able to build better software with a better understanding of how advanced C++ works.

        Over the years, I have developed systems using PHP (Rainer loves it!) with one foot in the embedded systems field.
        As a trainee, I worked with FPGAs at the end of the 90s. When clock skew was detected, it was my responsibility to check routing and fix placement… a thing of the past. I have worked with FPGAs in some aspects at the University of Sao Paulo since then, helping colleagues and researchers.

        In my master’s, I explored the use of FPGA to design a profiling tool that was made partly in hardware and partly in software using co-design. As a result, a rudimentary tool based on Leon 3 was developed.

        I’ve developed some solutions mainly built in C++ over the last 5 years as a System Developer Consultant. There is a feeling that I need to go deeper, build safer, and have fewer framework dependencies. This is the main reason I joined the mentoring program.

        My days were busy, unfortunately. A new part-time job has consumed a lot of my time. This journey offers some opportunities to introduce C++ to this company’s solutions, and I am eager to do so.

        Other interests: My family (my wife), traveling, mountain biking, electronics.

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