Good point about videos still being developed, I didn’t think about that. Even once complete I could imagine that some might be re-recorded to add more content.

    My thought about the “to review” status would be to allow someone to mark a lesson for later follow up. I can see this in a couple ways, one, the exercises. I don’t always have time to complete the exercise and I want to come back to it. There are also the CppCon Back to Basics videos that are very good but quite long, about ~1 hour, and need a dedicated time to watch. Some topics are challenging and need to be studied multiple times or are presented early but will come again in a later lesson. I imagine lvalue / rvalue references will need some review when going over class lifecycle and copy constructors / move constructors, etc.

    I don’t know that it’s worth modifying the site to add something like this, I’m just making a suggestion. I have a big document where I’m writing notes and tracking these kinds of things.